Women and Gender Studies (WGS)


WGS 200. Introduction to Gender Studies. 3 Credits.

An interdisciplinary introduction to the processes by which gender is socially constructed, in relation to sex and sexuality. This course will provide the tools to analyze the complex intersections of gender with other categories like race, ability, class, and religion and understand how they affect the circulation of power. Students will reflect on their identity and experiences, and how these concepts shape our lives and our world. This class will engage with pressing social issues and influential cultural representations, norms, practices, and institutions. F,S,SS.

WGS 225. The Study of Women. 3 Credits.

An introduction to the study of women as subjects of scholarly inquiry, with emphasis on transnational feminism and assessments of women's contributions around the globe. The course will provide an interdisciplinary focus on the central issues and questions posed by the new scholarship on women, and introduce students to the perspectives and methodologies of a variety of disciplines. F,S,SS.

WGS 480. Feminist Theory. 3 Credits.

Feminist theory examines the foundations of American feminism from enlightenment liberal to postmodern and standpoint theories. The course first develops then critiques these fundamental approaches. Opportunities are provided to integrate mainstream and marginal experiences of feminist theory and its practice. Prerequisite: WGS 200 or WGS 225. On demand.

WGS 492. Senior Study: Women and Gender Studies. 1-4 Credits.

Supervised independent study involving a theory paper, practicum experience, or a combination of the two. Prerequisite: WGS 200 or WGS 225. On demand.