Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH)


OSEH 226. Transportation Safety. 3 Credits.

An introductory course in transportation safety pertaining to personalized and fleet transportation systems. Emphasis will be on human characteristics related to driving, driving improvement, and state/national laws.

OSEH 305. Fire Safety. 2 Credits.

Students will explore and familiarize themselves with those codes that are used to ensure fire-safe environments in structures of all types. The student will learn how to apply these codes to various structures, occupancies, and situations. Prerequisite: CHEM 122. F, odd years.

OSEH 325. Construction Safety. 3 Credits.

A study of the rules and regulations of construction. Emphasis will be focused on management techniques, program development, recordkeeping documentation, and training requirements of the construction industry. F, odd years.

OSEH 345. Emergency Response. 2 Credits.

Emphasis will focus on the knowledge of regulatory requirements. Students will be versed in planning activities, the tools, protective equipment and emergency response procedures needed by those who respond to emergencies. SS.

OSEH 355. Inspections. 1-6 Credits.

Special consideration is given to the problems associated with interactions with management as related to regulatory matters. An awareness of the various rules and regulations which affect the workplace are part of the overview presented by this course. Prerequisite: TECH 440. SS, even years.

OSEH 365. Radiation. 2 Credits.

Special emphasis is given to the problems associated with the proper and safe handling of Radioactive Materials in both the sealed and unsealed forms. Consideration is given to the regulatory requirements which might face a licensee. Prerequisite: CHEM 122. F, odd years.

OSEH 375. Asbestos. 2 Credits.

A study of asbestos, it characteristics, the rules and regulations regarding asbestos abatement, and the tools, protective equipment, and procedures utilized for asbestos abatement. SS, odd years.

OSEH 385. Instrumentation. 2 Credits.

A study of the rules, regulations, requirements for the sampling analysis and monitoring of the business and industry work place environments. Emphasis will be placed on the instrumentation, calibration and other techniques required for managing the process, developing a comprehensive program, record keeping requirements, documentation, and training requirements. F, even years.

OSEH 395. Hazardous Materials Management. 3 Credits.

Students will study the problems associated with proper, safe handling, and disposal of hazardous materials. Special consideration will be given to regulatory requirements, exposure limits, and protective measures. Demonstrations, field trips, and group activities will be an integral aspect of this course. S, even years.

OSEH 405. Industrial Hygiene. 3 Credits.

Hazards in the workplace as they relate to our health will be addressed. The course will include the recognition, evaluation, control of hazards as they relate to industry. Prerequisite: ANAT 204 and CHEM 122. F, even years.

OSEH 425. Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Seminar. 3 Credits.

A study of emerging issues and concerns related to the Occupational Safety and Environmental Health profession. Involvement of practicing safety and health professionals and regulatory agency officials provide insight into the evolution of safety and health policies. S, odd years.

OSEH 435. Risk Management. 2 Credits.

The focus of this course will be on the global perspective of loss control measuring efforts in the minimization of financial insurance and workers compensation liabilities. F, odd years.

OSEH 465. Product Safety and Liability. 3 Credits.

Principles and practice of hazard control affecting the safety of manufactured goods and products. Responsibilities of the designer, manufacturer, distributor, and consumer. Concepts applied to analysis and prediction of product failure. The consumer product safety act, product liability prevention. Case studies in product liability. F, odd years.