Microbiology (MBIO)


MBIO 507. Seminar in Microbiology. 1 Credit.

S/U grading. F.

MBIO 511. Microbiology and Immunology Literature. 1 Credit.

A series of reports of current scientific literature in Microbiology and Immunology. S/U grading. S.

MBIO 513. Research Tools. 2 Credits.

Orientation to research and laboratory safety. The theory and application of modern laboratory techniques include tissue culture, cell fractionation, enzyme assay, immunization procedures, bacterial growth curves, photomicrography, strain construction, genetic engineering, gel electrophoresis, enzyme immunoassay, and western blot techniques are presented. S/U grading. F.

MBIO 515. Advanced Topics. 2 Credits.

A series of topics in microbiology and immunology presented on an episodic basis. The topics may vary, but are expected to include: (A) Immunology, (B) Infectious Diseases, and (C) Molecular Biology. Prerequisite: Previous basic course in the area to be covered.

MBIO 590. Research in Microbiology. 2-6 Credits.

Advanced problems in microbiology and related fields. Hours arranged. Repeatable.

MBIO 591. Special Problems in Microbiology. 1-6 Credits.

Short-term research projects.

MBIO 996. Continuing Enrollment. 1-12 Credits.

Repeatable. S/U grading.

MBIO 997. Independent Study. 2 Credits.


MBIO 998. Thesis. 1-8 Credits.

Repeatable to 8.00 credits.

MBIO 999. Dissertation. 1-15 Credits.

Repeatable to 15.00 credits.