Anatomy (ANAT)


ANAT 204. Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel. 3 Credits.

Two lectures per week presenting a system-based study of human gross anatomy. Prerequisite: Must have 12 or more credits. F,S.

ANAT 204L. Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel Laboratory. 2 Credits.

Laboratory exploration of human gross anatomy to complement Anatomy 204. Prerequisite or Corequisite: ANAT 204. F,S.

ANAT 501. Biomedical Information Retrieval. 1 Credit.

This course integrates electron information retrieval techniques with biomedical research education to develop the student's ability to augment traditional learning and research. Electronic techniques covered include data base searching and internet resources. S/U grading. F,S,SS.

ANAT 505. Seminar in Anatomy and Cell Biology. 1 Credit.

This course provides students an opportunity to organize and orally present scientific information to an audience in a forum conducive to the development of their skills in effective communication. Seminars delivered by students, UND faculty, and other invited speakers present current advancements in biomedical research that promote student learning of principles of biomedical sciences. Repeatable to 5.00 credits.

ANAT 513. Gross Anatomy. 6 Credits.

Gross Anatomy will be an intensive one semester course that will use a regional approach to enhance the understanding of the structural and functional relationships as well as organization of the adult human body. Lectures will be reinforced with complete cadaver dissection and multiple clinical imaging modalities to strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: ANAT 204L and permission of the instructor. S.

ANAT 521. Principles of Developmental Biology. 3 Credits.

This is a student driven course designed to provide the student with a firm understanding of the concepts in developmental biology. Students will be using a wide range of materials from textbooks to the internet to gain a graduate level understanding including how to apply this knowledge to research applications. Student presentations will address advanced principles of developmental mechanisms and underlying human embryology. S.

ANAT 590. Readings in Anatomy and Cell Biology. 1-3 Credits.

Students may elect to do a readings.

ANAT 591. Special Topics in Anatomy and Cell Biology. 1-3 Credits.

A series of lectures, discussions and/or laboratory experiences developed around a specific topic in the anatomical or cell biological sciences. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Repeatable to 3.00 credits.

ANAT 593. Research in Anatomy and Cell Biology. 1-15 Credits.

Research is offered in the specialty fields of the faculty of the department, and involves a variety of problems and research tools in morphology and cell biology. Repeatable.

ANAT 996. Continuing Enrollment. 1-12 Credits.

Repeatable. S/U grading.

ANAT 997. Independent Study. 2 Credits.


ANAT 998. Thesis. 1-9 Credits.

Repeatable to 9.00 credits.

ANAT 999. Dissertation. 1-15 Credits.

Repeatable to 15.00 credits.