Counseling Psychology and Community Services (Coun)


COUN 101. Career Exploration. 1 Credit.

The process of making career choices and decisions is explored through assessment, instruments, class activities, and assignments. Student interests, skills, and work values are explored and related to information about careers and job market trends. Recommended for students in the process of choosing an academic major. S/U grading. F,S.

COUN 250. Dialogue on U.S. Diversity. 3 Credits.

This seminar on diversity issues in the U.S. will cover group communication skills, psychological impact of social/cultural group identities and inequality. S.

COUN 399. Special Topics. 1-3 Credits.

Specially arranged seminars or courses on a variety of subjects not covered by regular departmental offerings. May be initiated by students with approval of dean and departments involved, provided appropriate instructors are available. Repeatable to 6 credits. Repeatable to 6 credits. On demand.