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Women and Gender Studies (WGS)


Women and Gender Studies at the University of North Dakota is an interdisciplinary academic program which includes courses from the traditional disciplines, as well as an introductory course in gender studies (WGS 200), a course in women studies (WGS 225), a theory course (WGS 480), and a senior study (WGS 492) offered through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Women and Gender Studies examines the complex interaction of gender with other features of human difference, particularly those that result in social inequality. Topics of study include women’s achievements and their contributions to history and contemporary life; the performance of femininity and masculinity; the influence of gender in the shaping of identity, the family, public institutions, and human symbol systems, generally.

The program at UND was established in 1982 under the name of Women Studies, and a minor was approved by the Board of Higher Education in 1984. Students planning careers in law, counseling, business, communication, medicine, education, social service, and the sciences find a Women and Gender Studies major (offered through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program) or minor to be a highly useful and exciting plan of study. Other students choose Women and Gender Studies courses to provide coherence in their Essential Studies Requirements. In general, the Women and Gender Studies program at UND advocates a pluralism of interests, theories, and approaches that traverse traditional academic structures to provide students an understanding and appreciation of marginalized perspectives and experiences that can inform and transform whatever field they choose to enter.

College of Arts and Sciences


Major in Interdisciplinary Studies: Women and Gender Studies

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. A minimum of 36 credits, including 9 required WGS course credits (WGS 200, WGS 225, WGS 480) and 27 elective credits (list below is not all-inclusive of elective possibilities). Please consult Women and Gender Studies Director to confirm plan of study:

WGS 200Introduction to Gender Studies ((required))3
WGS 225The Study of Women ((required))3
WGS 480Feminist Theory ((required))3
ANTH 372Culture Theory3
ANTH 375Women in Prehistory3
ENGL 357Women Writers and Readers (repeatable when topics vary)3
CJ 302Women, Crime, and Criminal Justice3
CJ 361Victimology3
COMM 310Media and Diversity3
HIST 332Women in Early America3
HIST 333Women in Modern America3
IS 346Gender in American Indian Cultures3
PHIL 360Feminist Philosophy3
POLS 321International Human Rights3
POLS 351Women and Politics3
PSYC 210Human Sexuality3
PSYC 365Psychology of Women3
PSYC 421Diversity Psychology3
RELS 216Women and Religion3
RELS 466Sex, Gender and Religion3
SOC 335Families in a Changing Society3
SOC 340Sociology of Gender3
WGS 492Senior Study: Women and Gender Studies1-4


Minor in Women and Gender Studies

Twenty credits of courses in Women and Gender Studies completed with a GPA of at least 2.0 are required for the minor.

I. Required courses (total credits 9): 

WGS 200Introduction to Gender Studies3
WGS 225The Study of Women3
WGS 480Feminist Theory3

 II. At least three of the following (total credits 11): 

ENGL 357Women Writers and Readers ((may be repeated once when topics vary)3
PSYC 365Psychology of Women3
HIST 333Women in Modern America3
RELS 216Women and Religion3
SOC 340Sociology of Gender3
COMM 310Media and Diversity3
CJ 361Victimology3
IS 346Gender in American Indian Cultures3
SOC 335Families in a Changing Society3
POLS 351Women and Politics3
WGS 492Senior Study: Women and Gender Studies1-4

Students may declare a major or minor through the College of Arts and Sciences and should also contact the Director of Women and Gender Studies to design a program of study.


WGS 200. Introduction to Gender Studies. 3 Credits.

An introduction to the social construction of gender, a concept that underlies research in women studies and the new masculinity studies-indeed, of much work in the humanities and social sciences, generally. Topics may include the role of gender in the formation of human symbol systems and institutions worldwide, as well its capacity to shape individual bodies, identities, and kinship relations. F,S.

WGS 225. The Study of Women. 3 Credits.

An introduction to the study of women as subjects of scholarly inquiry, with emphasis on transnational feminism and assessments of women's contributions around the globe. The course will provide an interdisciplinary focus on the central issues and questions posed by the new scholarship on women, and introduce students to the perspectives and methodologies of a variety of disciplines. F,S.

WGS 480. Feminist Theory. 3 Credits.

Feminist theory examines the foundations of American feminism from enlightenment liberal to postmodern and standpoint theories. The course first develops then critiques these fundamental approaches. Opportunities are provided to integrate mainstream and marginal experiences of feminist theory and its practice. Prerequisites: WGS 200 or WGS 225. On demand.

WGS 492. Senior Study: Women and Gender Studies. 1-4 Credits.

Supervised independent study involving a theory paper, practicum experience, or a combination of the two. Prerequisites: WGS 200 or WGS 225. On demand.

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