Master of Physician Assistant Studies

Admission Requirements

Applicants who are seeking admission to School of Graduate Studies must meet all of the minimum general School of Graduate Studies admission requirements identified in the graduate catalog. In addition, the prospective student must fulfill the requirements for admission to the graduate program in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies. Admission to the Physician Assistant Program within the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of North Dakota is a competitive selection process. Each applicant is reviewed individually and evaluated on their own merits.

For complete requirements, please see our website for the most current information regarding prerequisites and application instructions at

Degree Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree or graduate degree at a regionally accredited institution within the United States.

Health Care Requirements:

Entry Point 1: Minimum of 3 years recent full-time experience as a licensed/certified health professional. Health care experience must include direct patient contact and high levels of responsibility involving complex critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Entry Point 2: Minimum of 500 hours (1000 preferred) direct hands-on supervised patient care.

Preceptor Requirements:

Entry Point 1: Apply as a team with a licensed physician (MD or DO) or physician assistant (PA) who is willing to serve as the primary care clinical preceptor. Medical practice must be in primary care/family medicine.

Entry Point 2: Applicants will be placed within a designated site to complete clinical rotations.

Prerequisite Coursework:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Statistics
  • Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry/Cellular Biology/Molecular Biology (Entry Point 2 Only)
  • Psychology (Entry Point 2 Only)

Admission Preference

North Dakota residents as well as residents from the surrounding states of Montana, Minnesota, and South Dakota are given admission preference. Applicants from rural or underserved communities are also awarded preference.

Entry Point 1: Applicants are accepted from all over the United States. Preference is given to clinical sites in rural (<25,000 population) or underserved populations.

Entry Point 2: Applicants must be from North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, or South Dakota. Applicants from outside those states will not be considered. Preference is evaluated based on a combination of residence, employment, and volunteer experience in rural or underserved communities.

Additional Requirements

  1. Complete applications to CASPA and the UND School of Graduate Studies along with all supporting materials as explained at: How to Apply.
  2. Complete a preceptor profile if applying under Entry Point 1 admission criteria.
  3. Complete a successful interview.
  4. Satisfy the School of Graduate Studies’ English Language Proficiency requirements as published in the graduate catalog.
  5. Comply with the Academic and Technical Standards for matriculation, promotion, and graduation.
  6. Complete a health screening and a criminal background check prior to matriculation.

Degree Requirements

Students seeking the Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree at the University of North Dakota must satisfy all general requirements set forth by the School of Graduate Studies as well as particular requirements set forth by the Physician Assistant Program.

  1. Successful completion of all courses in core curriculum.
  2. Completion of a written scholarly project approved by the academic advisor.
  3. Written comprehensive final examination.

Required Courses:

PA 507Medical Human Anatomy & Radiology I3
PA 508Medical Human Anatomy & Radiology II3
PA 510Human Physiology & Pathophysiology I4
PA 511Human Physiology & Pathophysiology II4
PA 516EKG lnterpretation1
PA 517Pharmacology I2
PA 518Pharmacology II2
PA 521Diagnostic Studies I2
PA 522Diagnostic Studies II2
PA 523Diagnostic Studies Ill2
PA 525Scholarly Project Development3
PA 540Clinical Medicine: Primary Care I - Didactic5
PA 541Clinical Medicine: Primary Care I Clinical5
PA 550Clinical Medicine: Primary Care II - Didactic5
PA 551Clinical Medicine: Primary Care II - Clinical4
PA 560Clinical Medicine: Primary Care III - Didactic3
PA 561Clinical Medicine: Primary Care III - Clinical4
PA 566Professional Issues & Role Development I2
PA 567Professional Issues & Role Development II1
PA 568Professional Issues & Role Development Ill1
PA 569Professional Issues & Role Development IV1
PA 580Specialty Clerkship6
PA 581Emergency Department Clerkship4
PA 582General Surgery Clerkship4
PA 995Scholarly Project 3
PA 512History and Physical Exam I2
PA 513History and Physical Exam II2
PA 570Clinical Medicine - Primary Care Clinical Continuation7
PA 571Rural/Underserved Primary Care Clinical3
Total Credits90

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