2019-2020 Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

Required: 128 credits including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. The following curriculum:

All students must meet each semester with their academic advisor.

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
First SemesterCredits
MATH 165 Calculus I 4
CHEM 121
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
GEOE 203
Earth Dynamics
and Earth Dynamics Laboratory
ENGR 200 Computer Applications in Engineering 2
Second Semester
ENGR 201 Statics 3
MATH 166 Calculus II 4
GEOE 301
and Petrophysics Laboratory
PHYS 251
& PHYS 251L
University Physics I
Sophomore Year
First Semester
MATH 265 Calculus III 4
PHYS 252
& PHYS 252L
University Physics II
CHEM 122
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Laboratory
ME 341 Thermodynamics 3
Second Semester
ENGL 130 Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences 3
ENGR 203 Mechanics of Materials 3
EE 206
Circuit Analysis
or Dynamics
MATH 266 Elementary Differential Equations 3
GEOL 330 Structural Geology 3
Junior Year
First Semester
Apply for professional degree program  
CE 306
Fluid Mechanics
or Fluid Mechanics
ENGR 460 Engineering Economy 3
GEOE 417 Hydrogeology 3
Arts & Humanities Elective 3
ECON 210
Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics (Statistics Elective)
or Applied Statistical Methods
Second Semester
GEOL 411 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 5
GEOE 323 Engineering Geology 4
Technical Elective * 3
Communication Elective 2-3
Geological Engineering Field Camp (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Black Hills Field Camp) 6
Senior Year
First Semester
GEOL 414 Applied Geophysics 3
GEOE 455
and Geomechanics Laboratory
GEOE 484 Geological Engineering Design 3
Social Science Elective 3
Technical Elective * 2-3
Second Semester
CHE 340

or Ethics in Engineering and Science
GEOE 485 Geological Engineering Design 3
Technical Elective * 3
GEOL 422 Seminar II 1
Arts and Humanities Elective 3
Arts and Humanities or Social Science Elective 3
 Total Credits128-130

Students may substitute Geology lecture series (GEOL 356 Geoscience Lectures,GEOL 421 Seminar I, GEOL 422 Seminar II) with COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (ES=O)

Approved Technical Electives for Geological Engineering

CE 414Foundation Engineering3
CE 421Hydrology3
CE 431Environmental Engineering I3
CE 432Environmental Engineering II3
GEOE 302Reclamation Engineering3
GEOE 351Petroleum Development Engr3
GEOE 418Hydrogeological Methods2
GEOE 419Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation3
GEOE 425Design Hydrology for Wetlands3
GEOE 427Groundwater Modeling3
GEOE 493Selected Topics in Geological Engineering1-3
GEOL 311Geomorphology4
GEOL 321Geochemistry3
GEOL 407Petroleum Geology3
GEOL 491Geologic Problems (only section)1-4
PTRE 311Petroleum Fluid Properties3
PTRE 401Well Logging3
PTRE 411Drilling Engineering3
PTRE 421Production Engineering3
PTRE 431Reservoir Engineering3

Students may petition the Geological Engineering Curriculum Committee (GECC) to use GEOE 397 Cooperative Education, for up to three credits of technical elective credits with the following requirement:

  1. Students must get approval in advance from the GECC and the Department Cooperative Coordinator.
  2. The first cooperative experience may receive up to one credit of technical elective credit.
  3. The second cooperative experience may receive up to two credits of technical elective credit.

Petroleum Option

The program has a petroleum option, which is designed to prepare students for possible employment in the petroleum industry, while continuing to provide a broad geological engineering background for career flexibility. The graduate pursuing this emphasis will have a B.S. in Geological Engineering and can report that they have completed the petroleum engineering option requirements.

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