2018-2019 Catalog

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Studies

Required 125 credits, 36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 60 of which must be from a 4-year institution including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements. It is recommended that students include at least one semester, if not a full year, of Integrated Studies.

II. A minimum of 40 credits, including:

HUM 283Evidenced Based Reasoning Across Disciplines3
HUM 408Writing Across the Disciplines3
or IDS 495 Service and Citizenship
PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology3
MATH 103College Algebra (or higher)3
CHEM 115Introductory Chemistry3
or CHEM 121 General Chemistry I
CHEM 115LIntroductory Chemistry Laboratory1
or CHEM 121L General Chemistry I Laboratory
PPT 301Human Physiology4-5
or ANAT 204
Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel
and Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel Laboratory
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology3
or ANTH 171 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
BIOL 150General Biology I3
or BIOL 151 General Biology II
BIOL 150LGeneral Biology I Laboratory1
or BIOL 151L General Biology II Laboratory
Total Credits27-28

In addition, student will prepare a program of study listing the courses used to complete the remainder of the required credits, which must be approved by an IDHS advisor. The following courses are commonly included in students' programs.

N&D 240Fundamentals of Nutrition3
SOC 115Social Problems3
PSYC 250Developmental Psychology4
PSYC 270Abnormal Psychology3
PPT 315Human Pharmacology3
MBIO 202Introductory Medical Microbiology Lecture3
or MBIO 302 General Microbiology Lecture
MBIO 202LIntroductory Medical Microbiology Laboratory2
or MBIO 302L General Microbiology Laboratory

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