Registration Policies and Procedures

School of Graduate Studies Requirements

Any student who holds a baccalaureate degree and has established status as a Degree, Non-Degree, or Certificate student is eligible to enroll in a graduate course, i.e., a course numbered 500 or higher.

Enrollment in certain courses may be limited to degree seeking students in the specific program in which the course is offered. In some instances, students in Non-Degree status may need to seek approval from the department and/or instructor of the course.

Registration and fee payment procedures are outlined by the Office of the Registrar and published in the Schedule of Classes. Registration is complete only upon payment of tuition and fees. Registration may be cancelled by the Business Office if tuition and fees are not paid. 

It is strongly recommended that students consult with their advisor before registering for classes. New students are assigned a temporary advisor at the time of admission. Only work taken as a registered graduate student may be credited toward a graduate degree. Approval of the School of Graduate Studies is required and must occur prior to the time that the class is taken. Graduate credit will not be granted retroactively.

The number of credits for which a student may register is subject to certain limits. Registrations not in compliance with University, School of Graduate Studies, and departmental policies are subject to cancellation by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies. 

Office of the Registrar

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