Faculty Appointments

Faculty Advisor Appointments

Students must obtain the appointment of an advisor from the major department. The advisor must be a member of the Graduate Faculty and will be appointed by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies upon the written recommendation of the chairperson, or designate, of the student’s major department. The advisor is responsible to the department and to the School of Graduate Studies for the supervision of the student’s work.

Faculty Advisory Committee Appointments

Once the advisor has been assigned, the student and the advisor must decide who will make up the Faculty Advisory Committee. Once the committee members have been selected by the advisor and the student, the “Request for New Advisor or Committee Appointment” form must be completed and forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies must approve the committee appointments.

The student along with their committee chair will select a committee member from outside the department who will serve as the Member-at-Large. The member-at-large must hold graduate faculty status. The member-at-large serves as a representative of the School of Graduate Studies and thus has the added responsibility of ensuring that the policies and procedures of the School of Graduate Studies are being followed.

Doctoral students in the College of Education and Human Development are allowed to have only four members on their committee, three members may be from within the student’s department or college and the fourth member serves as the member-at-large.

Doctor of Arts students have the option of a three or five member committee. For five member committees, the students and their advisor will select four of the five committee members for the Faculty Advisory Committee. 

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