2019-2020 Catalog

Bachelor of Arts with Major in English

Required 120 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 30 of which must be from UND) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. The Following Curriculum:

Major Requirements—36 credits, 20 of which must be at the 300- or 400-level. The following courses are required:

ENGL 271Reading and Writing about Texts3
ENGL 272Introduction to Literary Criticism3
Select one of the following:6
Survey of English Literature I
and Survey of English Literature II
Survey of American Literature
and Survey of American Literature
Select one of the folllowing:3
World Literature I
Survey of English Literature I (in addition to 303-304)
Survey of American Literature (in addition to 301-302)
Studies in Literary Periods (when topic is appropriate; consult your adviser)
Seminar in Literature (when topic is appropriate; consult your adviser)
Select two 400-level courses, one of which must be ENGL 415 *
Level II (two semesters) proficiency in a language other than English.

Majors may complete the remaining English credits in any way they wish, with two stipulations:

  • ENGL 423 Methods/Materials for Teaching Middle/Secondary English, the methods course for English Education majors, may not count towards the English major.
  • Twenty credits of English major coursework must be at the 300/400 level.

The English Department encourages majors to take an active role in choosing courses that develop their individual interests and capacities. To help majors tailor course choices to specific interests, here are three sample plans that may help in designing a program of study beyond the major requirements:

Scenario One: You are interested in writing and publishing. Include courses from this list:

ENGL 226Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGL 306Creative Writing: Fiction3
ENGL 308The Art of Writing Nonfiction3
ENGL 408Writing for Digital Environments3
ENGL 413The Art of Writing: Poetry3
ENGL 414The Art of Writing: Fiction3

You may also consider pursuing a Certificate in Writing and Editing or taking any of the courses included in the Certificate:

ENGL 234Introduction to Writing, Editing, and Publishing3
ENGL 334Practicum in Writing, Editing, and Publishing3
ENGL 408Writing for Digital Environments3
ENGL 428Digital Humanities3

Scenario Two : You would like to focus on linguistics (the study of language, including teaching English as a second language, computer languages, translation, etc.) Include courses from this list:

ENGL 209Introduction to Linguistics3
ENGL 309Modern Grammar3
ENGL 370Language and Culture3
ENGL 418Second Language Acquisition3
ENGL 419Teaching English as a Second Language3
ENGL 442History of the English Language3

Note: Related language and linguistics courses are taught in the summer through the Summer Institute of Linguistics. A maximum of 10 credits of these courses may be applied to the English major. Students considering graduate work in language and linguistics are urged to study more than one foreign language.

Scenario Three: You are considering attending graduate school in English, in another discipline, or law school. Include courses from this list:

ENGL 372Literary Theory (topics rotate and may be repeated with different topics)3
ENGL 410Studies in Literary Periods (Advanced study in particular genres or periods (topics rotate and may be repeated with different topics )3
ENGL 415Seminar in Literature (topics rotate and may be repeated with different topics)3

Teacher Licensure

Through a partnership with the College of Education and Human Development, and the Department of Teaching and Learning, students may seek secondary licensure in English. The following program of study must be completed:

I. The English major (described above), including level-II proficiency (two semesters) in a foreign language , 3 hours of speech, and 3 hours of developmental reading (T&L 416 Adolescent Literacy Development). (For Middle School licensure, 6 hours of developmental reading are required, including T&L 409 Reading in the Content Areas.) ENGL 423 Methods/Materials for Teaching Middle/Secondary English does not count toward the 36-hour English major.

Students are advised to create a major in which courses that satisfy the demands of a career in secondary teaching are balanced against the broader range of courses offered by the Department.

Required in the major:

ENGL 309Modern Grammar3
ENGL 359Young Adult Literature3
ENGL 308The Art of Writing Nonfiction3
or ENGL 408 Writing for Digital Environments
Total Credits9

Recommended in the major:

ENGL 209Introduction to Linguistics3
ENGL 301Survey of English Literature I3
ENGL 302Survey of English Literature II3
ENGL 303Survey of American Literature3
ENGL 304Survey of American Literature3
ENGL 315Shakespeare3
ENGL 357Women Writers and Readers3
ENGL 365Black American Writers3
Total Credits24

II. Admission to the Secondary Program, normally while taking T&L 250 Introduction to Education. (See College of Education and Human Development for admission and licensing requirements).

III. The Program in Secondary Education, to include:

T&L 319Integrating Diverse Needs in Educational Settings 3
T&L 339Educational Technology2
T&L 345Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment3
T&L 350Development and Education of the Adolescent3
T&L 416Adolescent Literacy Development3
ENGL 423Methods/Materials for Teaching Middle/Secondary English (spring only)3
T&L 432Learning Environments3
T&L 433Multicultural Education3
T&L 486Field Experience *1-4
T&L 487Student Teaching4-16
T&L 488Senior Seminar1
Total Credits29-44

English majors seeking secondary licensure must have an adviser in both the English Department and the Department of Teaching and Learning.

Students planning to teach in Minnesota are required to take coursework in Middle Level Education; consult Teaching & Learning advisers for more information.

IV. Optional

T&L 386Field Experience1
T&L 390Special Topics1-3
Total Credits2-4

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