Environmental Engineering


ENVE 562. Seminar in Environmental Engineering. 1 Credit.

Conferences, seminars, and reports on current developments in environmental engineering. Students will participate in professional presentations on topics relevant to environmental engineering. Students will also report the results of their graduate research or present information on other technically relevant topics approved by the course instructor. Repeatable.

ENVE 590. Special Topics in Environmental Engineering. 1-3 Credits.

Topics of current interest. Repeatable. Repeatable.

ENVE 591. Environmental Engineering Research. 1-6 Credits.

Supervised research work in environmental engineering. Repeatable to 24 credits. Repeatable to 24 credits.

ENVE 595. Design Project. 3-6 Credits.

Engineering design experience involving individual effort and formal written report and presentation.

ENVE 996. Continuing Enrollment. 1-12 Credits.

Repeatable. S/U grading.

ENVE 998. Thesis. 1-9 Credits.

Development and documentation of scholarly activity demonstrating proficiency in Environmental Engineering at the master's level. Repeatable to 9 credits. Repeatable to 9 credits. F,S,SS.

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