Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering (M. Engr.) is a professional degree with a program designed to provide a strong emphasis toward the practice of engineering in industry, business, or government. The focus of the program is on the development of competency in the area of engineering design, with the goal of developing the student as a practitioner capable of solving complex problems within a given field. It is available in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering.

Students should refer to the section of this catalog titled “Departmental Programs” for the admission, degree, examination, and course requirements unique to each department.

Course Requirements. The program of study for the M. Engr. degree must contain at least 30 credits, including at least 15 credits at the 500 level. Some programs may require an engineering design project, these must be registered through your department and be completed for 3-6 credits. If a design project is required by the degree program, a written report on this project is required. All major department courses must be at the 400 level or above and approved for Graduate Credit. No courses numbered below 300 may be included in the program.

Candidacy for the degree. Admission of a student to the School of Graduate Studies as a degree student in Approved status implies only that the student has met minimum entrance requirements and will be permitted to take graduate courses which may be expected to lead to a degree. The student has not been admitted as a candidate for a degree. Advancement to candidacy is granted only after the student has met the following requirements in approximately the following sequence: 

  1. Completion of the equivalent of 12 semester credits.
  2. Attainment of a GPA of at least 2.75 for all work attempted.
  3. The appointment of an advisor from the major department. The advisor must be a member of the Graduate Faculty and will be appointed by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies upon the recommendation of the chairperson of the student’s major department and the Dean of the College of Engineering and Mines. The advisor is responsible to the department and the School of Graduate Studies for the supervision of the student’s work.
  4. Approval of a Program of Study on a form available from the School of Graduate Studies or from the School of Graduate Studies website. The Program of Study should be developed in consultation with the advisor early in the second semester and must be signed by the student, the advisor, the Graduate Program Director, and the Dean of the College of Engineering and Mines, and must be submitted to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies for approval.
  5. Approval of a topic for the design project by having the advisor, Graduate Program Direcotor, and Dean of Engineering sign the Proposal of Design Project and submitting the Proposal to the School of Graduate Studies for approval. The student and the advisor will be sent a status sheet notifying them of the advancement to candidacy. Students must complete all requirements for advancement to candidacy prior to the semester in which they plan to graduate.