Recreation and Tourism Studies

Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education Minor

Required 19 credits, including:

RTS 201Outdoor Recreation and Society3
RTS Courses (Approved by an RTS advisor)
RTS 204Fundamentals of Outdoor Leadership3
RLS 271Outdoor Education Methods3
RLS 362Foundations of Environmental Education3
RTS 470Heritage Interpretation 3
RTS 398Field Experience in Outdoor Leadership/Environmental Education4
Total Credits19


RTS 201. Outdoor Recreation and Society. 3 Credits.

Orientation to outdoor recreation and learning in natural environments, including sociological, psychological, historical, philosophical and professional implications and influences of recreation in American society and among diverse populations, cultures, and nationalities. On demand.

RTS 202. .Introduction to the RTS Profession. 1 Credit.

Introduction to the recreation, parks and leisure services profession. S.

RTS 204. Fundamentals of Outdoor Leadership. 3 Credits.

Development of understanding of outdoor leadership in both formal and informal settings, and develop the competencies required to lead diverse groups and enhance recreation and learning experiences in the natural environment. On demand.

RTS 272. Recreation and the Natural Environment. 3 Credits.

An overview of the use of natural environments as formal and informal settings for leisure and recreation involvement and the interrelationship among people, the environment and leisure. F.

RTS 322. Recreation Program and Event Planning. 3 Credits.

Development of programming skills for recreation programs and special events in various settings. Prerequisite: RTS 201. F.

RTS 323. Recreation Program and Event Implementation. 3 Credits.

Implementation and evaluation of programs planned in RTS 322. Prerequisite: RTS 322. S.

RTS 370. .Principles of Tourism. 3 Credits.

Overview of tourism including travel behavior, tourism planning and policy, tourism impacts and promotion of tourism. F.

RTS 371. .Outdoor Recreation and Resources Mgmt. 3 Credits.

The principles of managing outdoor recreation sites and visitor systems where the natural environment provides the dominant attraction. Selected parks, resorts, camps, and preserves will serve as example applications of management strategies. On demand.

RTS 397. Cooperative Education in Recreation and Leisure Services. 1-4 Credits.

A practical work experience with an employer closely associated with the student's academic area. Arranged by mutual agreement among student, department and employer. Repeatable to 16 credits. Prerequisite: RTS 201. Repeatable to 16 credits. S/U grading. F,S,SS.

RTS 398. Field Experience in Outdoor Leadership/Environmental Education. 1-6 Credits.

Placement of student in a practical setting under university faculty supervision. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and upper division status. Repeatable to 6 credits. S/U grading. On demand.

RTS 399. Special Topics in Recreation and Leisure Services. 1-4 Credits.

Specialized topics related to recreation and leisure. Repeatable to 9 credits. Repeatable to 9 credits. On demand.

RTS 421. Research and Evaluation Methods. 3 Credits.

Introduction to the recreation, parks and leisure services profession. Prerequisites: RTS 322 and senior standing in the RTS or RHS major. S.

RTS 442. Recreation Administration. 3 Credits.

An examination of theories and principles of administration for recreation services. S.

RTS 470. Heritage Interpretation. 3 Credits.

Learn about the principles, methods, and materials of interpretive naturalist programs for heritage and recreational agencies. Emphasis is placed on obtaining practical experience in developing interpretive materials and programs. On demand.

RTS 494. Directed Studies in Recreation and Leisure Services. 1-4 Credits.

An indepth study in a subject area selected by the student under tutorial supervision. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Repeatable to 4 credits. F,S.

RTS 497. Internship in Recreation Tourism Studies. 4-12 Credits.

Development of professional skills by working directly with established tourism, recreation and human services organizations under the supervision of approved professionals and faculty. Prerequisite: Recreation and Tourism Studies majors only. S/U grading. SS.

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