2017-2018 Catalog

Recreation and Tourism Studies (RTS)


Schroeder (Program Coordinator) and Burke

The belief that individuals and society benefit from recreational pursuits, tourism, and travel experiences underlies the mission of the Recreation and Tourism Studies program, which is to promote enhanced quality of life through recreation, tourism, travel, leisure and activity for the people of North Dakota and beyond. The Recreation and Tourism Studies program works toward this mission through the professional preparation of students for careers in the recreation, tourism, and parks; developing students’ theoretical bases of knowledge and analytical skills; and contributing to society and the profession through the development of a program of research and other scholarly activity, providing leadership and technical assistance to local and regional organizations, and being actively involved in professional organizations on the state, regional, and national levels.

Educational Programs

Part of the Department of Counseling Psychology and Community Services, the Recreation and Tourism Studies program offers a major which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Tourism Studies.

College of Education and Human Development


B.S. in Recreation and Tourism Studies

Students may apply for admission to the Recreation and Tourism Studies program at any time following the completion of 24 semester hours. A cumulative GPA of 2.20 or higher and successful completion of PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology, SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology and COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking are required for admission. Students interested in admission should consult the RTS program.

Required 125 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 60 of which must be from a 4-year institution) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. The College of Education and Human Development Requirements (see EHD listing).

III. Recreation and Tourism Studies Prerequisites: 

COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
PSYC 111Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology3

 IV. Recreation and Tourism Studies Core Requirements: 

RTS 201Recreation and Society3
RTS 204Group Leadership3
RTS 260
RTS 272Recreation and the Natural Environment3
RTS 322Recreation Program and Event Planning3
RTS 323Recreation Program and Event Implementation3
RTS 398Field Experience in Recreation and Leisure Services (1+1)2
RTS 421Research and Evaluation Methods3
RTS 442Recreation Administration3
Basic Statistics Course 3
Sociological Statistics
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Business and Economic Statistics (or equivalent)
MGMT 300Principles of Management3
COUN 250Dialogue on U.S. Diversity3
RTS 497Internship in Recreation Tourism Studies4-12
Total Credits36-44


Minor in Recreation and Tourism Studies

Required for the Recreation and Tourism Studies minor:

20 credits, including: 

RTS 201Recreation and Society3
RTS Courses (Approved by an RTS advisor)17
Total Credits20


RTS 201. Recreation and Society. 3 Credits.

Orientation to recreation, including the role of recreation in American society and diverse populations, cultures, and nationalities. F,S.

RTS 204. Group Leadership. 3 Credits.

Development of understanding of and ability to utilize leadership and group facilitation strategies to enhance individual's recreation and tourism experiences. F.

RTS 272. Recreation and the Natural Environment. 3 Credits.

An overview of the use of natural environments as formal and informal settings for leisure and recreation involvement and the interrelationship among people, the environment and leisure. F.

RTS 322. Recreation Program and Event Planning. 3 Credits.

Development of programming skills for recreation programs and special events in various settings. Prerequisite: RTS 201. F.

RTS 323. Recreation Program and Event Implementation. 3 Credits.

Implementation and evaluation of programs planned in RTS 322. Prerequisite: RTS 322. S.

RTS 397. Cooperative Education in Recreation and Leisure Services. 1-4 Credits.

A practical work experience with an employer closely associated with the student's academic area. Arranged by mutual agreement among student, department and employer. Repeatable to 16 credits. Prerequisite: RTS 201. Repeatable to 16 credits. S/U grading. F,S,SS.

RTS 398. Field Experience in Recreation and Leisure Services. 1-8 Credits.

Placement of student in a practical setting under university faculty supervision. Repeatable to 8 credits. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and upper division status. Repeatable to 8 credits. S/U grading. On demand.

RTS 399. Special Topics in Recreation and Leisure Services. 1-4 Credits.

Specialized topics related to recreation and leisure. Repeatable to 9 credits. Repeatable to 9 credits. On demand.

RTS 421. Research and Evaluation Methods. 3 Credits.

Introduction to the recreation, parks and leisure services profession. Prerequisites: RTS 322 and senior standing in the RTS or RHS major. S.

RTS 442. Recreation Administration. 3 Credits.

An examination of theories and principles of administration for recreation services. S.

RTS 494. Directed Studies in Recreation and Leisure Services. 1-4 Credits.

An indepth study in a subject area selected by the student under tutorial supervision. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Repeatable to 4 credits. F,S.

RTS 497. Internship in Recreation Tourism Studies. 4-12 Credits.

Development of professional skills by working directly with established tourism, recreation and human services organizations under the supervision of approved professionals and faculty. Prerequisite: Recreation and Tourism Studies majors only. S/U grading. SS.

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