2019-2020 Catalog

Minor in Linguistics

Emphasizing both cognitive understanding and analytical skills, the undergraduate minor in Linguistics provides an introduction to the scientific study of language, as a supplement to a student’s primary academic concentration. Its purpose is to provide a foundation for a graduate degree or other further education in linguistics or related fields, and to prepare students for informed decision-making about language-related issues in their daily life and civic responsibilities. The courses are offered in three core subfields of linguistics: phonetics, phonology, and morphology/syntax, as well as other subfields (including interdisciplinary and applied). The minor promotes familiarity with a broad range of languages, especially minority languages.

The total requirement for the minor is 20 credits, including the following:

Prerequisites to the minor
ENGL 209Introduction to Linguistics (also offered as Lang 207)3
2.8 GPA and junior standing or special permission 1
Required core courses
LING 450Articulatory Phonetics2
LING 451Phonology I3
LING 452Syntax and Morphology I3
Non-core courses with linguistics content
Select three of the following:9
Diversity in U.S. Literatures
Modern Grammar
Language and Culture
Special Topics in Language
Second Language Acquisition 2
Teaching English as a Second Language
History of the English Language
Phonetics of Signed Languages
Introduction to Sociolinguistics and Language Development
Learner-Directed Second Language Acquisition
Total Credits20

Other upper-division or graduate courses whose content is linguistics, subject to approval by one of the program advisors.

Language requirement for the minor:

Three credits in a non-Indo-European language. If a suitable language is used to satisfy the language requirement of a student’s major, it may also be used to satisfy the language requirement of the minor. The following courses are among those that may be used to satisfy the language requirement:

CHIN 101First Year Chinese I4
CHIN 102First Year Chinese II4
CSD 101American Sign Language I2
CSD 102American Sign Language II2
CSD 201American Sign Language III2
IS 250Lakota Language I3
IS 251Lakota Languages II3
IS 350Native American Languages3
LING 480Learner-Directed Second Language Acquisition (This course may be used to satisfy both the language requirement and the non-core requirement)3
Total Credits26

Other language courses in non-Indo-European languages may be used with the approval of a program advisor, including transfer courses.

The language requirement may also be satisfied by examination or by native competence in a suitable language, subject to approval by a program advisor.

Deaf students may, in consultation with a program advisor, substitute appropriate courses in the phonetics and phonology of sign language for LING 450 Articulatory Phonetics and LING 451 Phonology I if they also use a sign language to satisfy the non-Indo-European language requirement.

The minor is offered jointly by the English department and SIL; interested students should contact the English department for further information and advising.

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