Analyzing Worldviews

3 credit hours required.

Many of these courses also satisfy Breadth of Knowledge requirements.

Code Title CreditsGoalsBOK Area
ANTH 360Environmental Change & Culture3IKSSS
ANTH 385Antiquities, Culture and Law3IKSSS
COMM 402Intercultural/International Communication *3CIA, IKS, O, WC, ILSS
ENGL 230Analyzing Worldview through Story3IKSHum
GEOG 262Geography of North America I3IKS, ILSS
GERM 306Contextualizing Culture: Introduction to German Studies3IKSHum
HIST 206History 206: History of Canada's First Nations3IKSHum
HIST 230A Cultural History of Science and Technology3CIA, IKSSS
HIST 260Slaves, Citizens and Social Change3CIA, IKS, O, WCHum
HIST 304The Holocaust3IKSHum
HIST 310Monuments, Museums and Memory3IKSHum
HIST 328Human Rights3IKSHum
HIST 332Women in Early America3IKSHum
HIST 333Women in Modern America3IKSHum
HIST 370African-American History to 18773IKSHum
HIST 371African-American History since 18773IKSHum
HIST 405The United States: Age of Jefferson and Jackson, 1789-18503IKSHum
HIST 406The United States: Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850-18773IKSHum
LANG 320Faculty-Led Study Abroad1-12IKSHum
NORW 350Norwegian Culture3IKSHum
OT 400Culture & Occupation3IKS
PHIL 253Environmental Ethics3CIA, IKSHum
PHIL 315Philosophy of Race & Postcolonialism3CIA, IKS, WCHum
PHIL 360Feminist Philosophy3CIA, IKSHum
POLS 215Politics and Diversity3IKS, O, WC
POLS 225Comparative Politics3IKSSS
PSYC 365Psychology of Women and Gender *3IKSSS
SOC 250Diversity in American Society *3IKSSS
SOC 436Social Inequality3IKSSS
WGS 225The Study of Women *3IKSHum
*Course offered online