Minor in Essential Studies: Global Connections

Minor Requirements

A Minor in Essential Studies consists of courses taken within the Essential Studies Program which collectively address a theme or topic area. A Minor in Essential Studies: Global Connections is earned by completing a total of 21 credits from among the Essential Studies courses listed below:
Theme: Global Connections
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Social Science
ANTH 371Cultural Dynamics3
AVIT 372Global Perspectives in Aviation History3
COMM 402Intercultural/International Communication3
GEOG 161World Regional Geography3
N&D 335World Food Patterns3
PHE 103Introduction to Global Health3
POLS 220International Politics3
PSYC 421Diversity Psychology3
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Fine Arts
FA 150Introduction to the Fine Arts3
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Humanities
ART 210History of Art I3
ART 211History of Art II3
CHIN 101First Year Chinese I4
CHIN 102First Year Chinese II4
CHIN 201Second Year Chinese I4
CHIN 202Second Year Chinese II4
CLAS 101First Year Latin I4
CLAS 102First Year Latin II4
CLAS 185Introduction to Classical Mythology3
CLAS 201Second Year Latin I4
CLAS 202Second Year Latin II4
CLAS 311Ancient Greek Theater3
ENGL 228Diversity in Global Literatures3
FREN 101First Year French I4
FREN 102First Year French II4
FREN 201Second Year French I4
FREN 202Second Year French II4
GERM 101First Year German I4
GERM 102First Year German II4
GERM 201Second Year German I4
GERM 202Second Year German II4
GERM 206Germany in a Global World3
GERM 306Contextualizing Culture: Introduction to German Studies3
HIST 105World Civilizations I3
HIST 106World History II, 1000 CE-present3
LANG 380Global Gateways3
MUSC 203Music and Culture3
NORW 101First Year Norwegian I4
NORW 102First Year Norwegian II4
NORW 201Second Year Norwegian I4
NORW 202Second Year Norwegian II4
PHIL 105Religions of Asia3
PHIL 285Global Philosophy3
PHIL 320Hinduism3
PHIL 380Buddhism3
SPAN 101First Year Spanish I4
SPAN 102First Year Spanish II4
SPAN 201Second Year Spanish I4
SPAN 202Second Year Spanish II4
WGS 225The Study of Women3
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Math, Science, & Technology
GEOG 121Global Physical Environment3
GEOG 121LGlobal Physical Environment Laboratory1