Minor in Essential Studies: Creativity, Innovation & Change

Minor Requirements

A Minor in Essential Studies consists of courses taken within the Essential Studies Program which collectively address a theme or topic area. A Minor in Essential Studies: Creativity, Innovation, & Change is earned by completing a total of 21 credits from among the Essential Studies courses listed below:
Theme: Creativity, Innovation, & Change
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Social Science
ENTR 101Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
ESSP 160Sustainability & Society3
HIST 230A Cultural History of Science and Technology3
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Fine Arts
ART 112Two & Three Dimensional Design3
ART 200Intro to Sculpture3
ART 204Intro to Jewelry & Metalsmithing3
ART 220Intro to Painting3
ART 230Intro to Drawing3
ART 240Intro to Printmaking3
ART 245Intro to Black and White Photography3
ART 250Intro to Ceramics: Handbuilding3
ART 253Intro to Ceramics: Throwing3
ART 260Intro to Color Photography3
ART 272Digital Foundations3
ART 273Intro to Graphic Design3
ENGL 226Introduction to Creative Writing3
MUSC 100Introduction to the Understanding of Music3
MUSC 101Fundamentals of Music3
MUSC 150Class Lessons1
MUSC 200Music in America3
MUSC 260Concert Choir1
MUSC 263Varsity Bards Chorus1
MUSC 264Allegro Chorus1
MUSC 270Wind Ensemble1
MUSC 271University Band1
MUSC 272Marching/Athletic Band1
MUSC 273Instrumental Jazz Ensemble1
MUSC 275University Chamber Orchestra1
THEA 110Introduction to Theatre Arts3
THEA 161Acting I3
THEA 270Stagecraft3
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Humanities
MUSC 201Rock and Roll History I: From World War II to 19753
MUSC 203Music and Culture3
IS 360Oral Traditions in American Indian Cultures3
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 120Introduction to Ethics3
Breadth of Knowledge Area: Math, Science, & Technology
MATH 115Introduction to Mathematical Thought3
MUSC 340Introduction to Music Technology2