4 + 1 year plan: ABM Bachelor and Master in Accountancy (CPA Track)

1. Students are encouraged to take ACCT 160 as a freshman or sophomore if offered. Free electives may also be used to satisfy some requirements of minors and/or second majors. ACCT 160 credits can be used, in combination with other approved credits, to fulfill the 3 credit experiential learning requirement. See note for more details on experiential learning requirement.

2. Three credits of ACCT 497 fulfills the 3-credit undergraduate accounting experiential learning requirement, with the remaining combination of ACCT 497 and ACCT 397 credits representing free credits. Accounting 497 (3 credits) can also dual count for your MACC program. Internships are not required, but are encouraged. Students who choose not to pursue full-time internship opportunities may substitute other undergraduate accounting experiential learning courses/credits and free electives to substitute for the 6 internship and coop credits in this plan, and continue fulfilling to balance the 5-year plan with some shifting of courses across semesters to balance credit loads. For students electing full-time internships, online, summer, and/or courses offered in accelerated formats may be taken in the semester/summer following a full-time internship to balance credit loads. Please see note about 3-credit experiential learning requirement.

Note: The BAcc program (and thus both the combined and AMB Bachelor/Master of Accountancy programs), requires at least 3 credits of experiential learning which may be satisfied with credits earned in ACCT 160 (intro to Accounting Careers), ACCT 397 (Cooperative Education), ACCT 417 (Service Learning in Accounting with VITA), ACCT 497 (Accounting Internship), and/or other courses with the approval of the Accountancy Department Chair.  Certain graduate courses may fulfill the undergraduate experiential learning requirement. The accounting experiential learning credits requirement must be completed before completing the BAcc degree. Consult your advisor and/or the MAcc Program Director for more information.

Please Note: Students enrolled in the ABM Bachelor/Master of Accountancy program will be able to further accelerate this plan by using an additional 6 credits of graduate course work to fulfill undergraduate credit requirements.  However, they will be required to complete all undergraduate degree requirements by the end of the 4th year.  Thus, the fifth year will not include free electives.

Students in both the combined and AMB Bachelor/Master of Accountancy programs should consider the 150 credit requirement to sit for the CPA exam. Depending on the amount of credit earned prior to entering these programs, students may need to complete credits beyond those required by the degrees in order to meet the 150 credits required to sit for the CPA exam.

Every student must fulfill all University, Departmental, and Essential Studies requirements.  Please note that some Accounting and College of Business & Public Administration courses included in this plan may satisfy Essential Studies requirements.