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Request Type Department Name Change
Requested Effective Change Date F2021
Title Indigenous Health
College: School of Medicine & Hlth Sci
Department: School of Graduate Studies
Academic Level: Graduate
Current Title: Indigenous Health
Proposed Title: Indigenous Health
Description: We plan to establish this new department to recognize the importance of Indigenous studies at the University of North Dakota’s School of Medicine & Health Sciences (UND SMHS). The UND SMHS has a diversity statement for the medical student program that identifies American Indian and rural students as the focus of our diversity efforts. As a result, we now rank #1 in the country as far as the percent of our medical school class that is of American Indian heritage. Many faculty members in the new department will retain their current appointment in other departments and will have joint appointments (a practice that is common and accepted at the UND SMHS). The new department will not offer degrees per se or have teaching activities that directly impact transcript credit for students.
Supporting Documentation: Summer 2021-Reorg-UND-DeptofIndigenousHealth.pdf
NDUS Approval.pdf
Request reviewer comments christina.fargo (Wed, 25 Aug 2021 19:23:44 GMT): Attached NDUS August 17 approval.