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Viewing: 60 : Change Course Prefix from ISBC to ISBA

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Request Type Prefix Request
Requested Effective Change Date F2020
Title Change Course Prefix from ISBC to ISBA
College: Nistler College of Bus & Public Admin
Department: Accounting
Academic Level:
Current Title: Change Course Prefix from ISBC to ISBA
Proposed Title:
Description: Approximately one year ago, all business communications (BC) courses were separated from the information systems (IS) courses when information systems faculty, courses and programs merged with the Department of Accountancy. Business Communications courses were subsequently assigned a BADM prefix rather than their previous prefix of ISBC. Since there are no longer any business communications courses offered under the ISBC prefix, we request that the ISBC prefix be modified to ISBA. ISBA stands for “Information Systems Business Analytics” which reflects the focus we are placing as we update the major. We have recently changed some course names and content to include analytics. Other intuitions use this prefix for their Information Systems Business Analytics courses. . For example, U of Albany – SUNY School of Business and U of New Hampshire Peter T Paul College of Business & Economics use this prefix. There is no consistent prefix usage across NDUS institutions for business and management courses. We will continue to honor any common course numbering and/or articulations for those courses that have them with the new prefix until a time when the course content may change at which point we will revisit any articulation agreements.
Supporting Documentation:
Request reviewer comments patrick.oneill (Mon, 30 Sep 2019 19:23:32 GMT): Rollback: Need more information on this. Please schedule a meeting.
karyn.plumm (Mon, 28 Oct 2019 17:04:51 GMT): Updated some wording per email with Associate Dean O'Neill on 10-28.