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  1. Feb 22, 2016 by timothy.okeefe

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Request Type dept
Requested Effective Change Date
Title Department of Technology
College: Nistler College of Bus & Public Admin
Department: Technology
Academic Level: Graduate
Current Title: Department of Technology
Proposed Title: None. Request to delete the Department of Technology as it has merged into the School of Entrepreneurship.
Description: The Department of Technology (ISBC) has merged with the Department of Information Systems & Business Communication and the Department of Entrepreneurship to form the School of Entrepreneurship.

The purpose of this request is to formally delete the department. The Masters, two BS degrees, minors and all essential studies and service courses will be offered through the School of Entrepreneurship.

All faculty lines, tenure and assignments transfer to the School of Entrepreneurship.

Attached please fine two documents, a copy a letter from Dennis Elbert, CoBPA Dean to Provost DiLorenzo requesting a name change for the Department of Entrepreneurship, and a copy of the notification that the SBHE had approved the School of Entrepreneurship name change request.
Supporting Documentation: ENTR name change letter - Elbert.pdf
ENTR SBHE memo.pdf
Department of Technology termination_Approved.pdf
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