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  1. Jul 8, 2019 by Tanis Walch (tanis.walch)

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Request Type Prefix Request
Requested Effective Change Date F2019
Title MPH prefix change to PH
College: School of Medicine & Hlth Sci
Department: Master of Public Health Program
Academic Level:
Current Title: MPH prefix change to PH
Proposed Title:
Description: The College of Education and Human Develop in collaboration with the School of Medicine and Health Sciences are proposing to share a Prefix for all Public Health Courses at UND (undergraduate Public Health Education program, Master of Public Health and any future PhD in Public Health or DrPh degree).

We propose that the BS Public Health Education program changes from the PHE prefix to the PH prefix.

Similarly, we propose that the MPH program in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences changes from the MPH prefix to the PH prefix.

- The BS Public Health Education degree and Minor in Public Health uses the PHE prefix.
- The MPH degree uses the MPH prefix.

The MPH program and the BS PHE program are working together to include the BS PHE degree to CEPH accreditation with the SMHS and MPH program. As such, it is important that both programs share the same prefix to illustrate the collaboration between SMHS and CEHD. This prefix change illustrates collaboration across campus and will help future and current students to navigate the public health opportunities at UND. It should help with the undergraduate students advancing to the MPH degree, particularly given the 4+1 degree that will be offered starting in Fall 2019. Lastly, future degrees (PhD, DrPH) using the PH prefix will allow for a continuity from BS, MPH, PhD or DrPH for all public health opportunities at UND to be shared under one Prefix.

Beginning in Fall 2019, we would like to show collaboration by using the same Prefix of PH for the BS PHE and the MPH programs. Given new hirings and recent collaboration between the MPH and PHE, we are now well suited to formalize this collaboration between CEHD and SMHS with the sharing of the same prefix. Both the CEHD and SMHS are in support for this prefix change.

See attached for letters of support from CEHD and SMHS.
Supporting Documentation: PH prefix LOS from Dean Wynne SMHS.pdf
PHE to PH prefix from Dean Juntunen.pdf
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