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  1. Mar 29, 2019 by Michael Mann (michael.mann)

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Request Type Prefix Request
Requested Effective Change Date F2019
Title ENE - Energy Engineering
College: College of Engineering & Mines
Department: Engineering
Academic Level:
Current Title: ENE - Energy Engineering
Proposed Title:
Description: In 2015 a request for a new PhD program in Energy Engineering was approved. A request to rename the existing Master's program in Sustainable Energy Engineering to Energy Systems Engineering was also approved. When the Energy Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering programs were established, the associated courses for these two programs continued to carry the generic prefix of ENGR, or the old prefix of SEE (Sustainable Energy Engineering). With the approval of the new degrees in Energy Systems Engineering and Energy Engineering, the old master's program in Sustainable Energy Engineering and the PhD in Engineering will be phased out and removed from the system once all current students in these programs graduate. This will render those courses and existing prefixes as being obsolete. Therefore, we would like to establish a new prefix, ENE, to designate the courses related to the Energy Systems Engineering and Energy Engineering master's and PhD programs.
Supporting Documentation: NDUS_Approval_Feb_11_2019.docx
Request reviewer comments christina.fargo (Wed, 13 Feb 2019 19:54:02 GMT): Attached NDUS approval memo.