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  1. Dec 13, 2017 by Paul Sum (paul.sum)

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Request Type Degree Title Change
Requested Effective Change Date F2018
Title B.S. in Public Administration
College: Nistler College of Bus & Public Admin
Department: Political Science
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Current Title: B.S. in Public Administration
Proposed Title: B.S. in Public Affairs
Description: The B.S. in Public Affairs provide a foundation for students in administrative sciences through the common core curriculum. Students specialize in one of two tracks to complete the major: public administration or nonprofit. The former prepares students for work in the public sector with an emphasis on data-driven public policy analysis. The latter prepares students for work in the nonprofit sector with an emphasis on nonprofit management and leadership. This request is for a program title change with the corresponding degree title change.
Supporting Documentation: Public Affairs degree title change (justification).doc
NDUS Approval August 25 2017.pdf
Program Change Approval PSPA CoBPA 082817.pdf
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