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  1. Dec 19, 2017 by Jaakko Putkonen (jaakko.putkonen)

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Request Type Degree Title Change
Requested Effective Change Date
Title BA in Geology
College: College of Engineering & Mines
Department: Geology
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Current Title: BA in Geology
Proposed Title: BS in Earth Science
Description: Rationale: The College of Arts & Sciences will no longer be able to offer the BA in Geology so the program is being moved to the College of Engineering and Mines where the curriculum is currently being taught. To make this move possible the title of the degree can no longer be called BA which is intrinsically a College of Arts and Science degree. Therefore, we propose to change the title to BS in Earth Science. The name Earth Science separates it from the traditional BS Geology degree, and signals that this is a broader science degree yet anchored in Geology.

Additionally, we would like Geology students to be aligned more closely through graduation with the college in which they spent the majority of their time, in this case, CEM.
Supporting Documentation: 20161005091958557.pdf
FW upcoming changes in Geology.pdf
StateApproval Memo.pdf
NDUS Approvals Dec2016_Feb2017.pdf
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