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  1. Feb 18, 2016 by Michael Mann (michael.mann)

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Title Sustainable Energy Engineering
College: College of Engineering & Mines
Department: Sustainable Energy Engineering
Academic Level: Graduate
Current Title: Sustainable Energy Engineering
Proposed Title: Energy Systems Engineering
Description: The current program has seen low enrollment due to a changing emphasis/interest in the energy sector. Alumni, executive advisory board members, and industry representatives have recommended a change in the title/program description that implies broader flexibility in the training/education that can be provided under this degree program. The proposed title suggests the integration of a variety of technologies into coherent energy systems. These typically include both conventional and sustainable energy solutions. Energy systems engineering also implies exposure to finance and business, which are required to aid in the decision making process. Thus, we are proposing to maintain the original intent of degree, providing sustainable energy solutions, but suggesting the implementation of these concepts in a broader context, encompassing the whole energy spectrum.

No new courses are currently planned. Courses currently available through the college continue to support the degree. A listing of courses that are available to students enrolled in this degree program will be listed on the College of Engineering website and updated annually to reflect any year-to-year changes. The renamed program will also be actively marketed through the Institute for Energy Studies to increase enrollment numbers for the program. These marketing efforts will focus on increasing the participation of students through our distance education degree program (DEDP) class offerings.
Supporting Documentation: Energy Systems Engineering title change_Approved.pdf
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