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  1. Feb 22, 2016 by Paul Sum (paul.sum)

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Request Type Degree Title Change
Requested Effective Change Date
Title BA with a major in Political Science
College: Nistler College of Bus & Public Admin
Department: Political Science
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Current Title: BA with a major in Political Science
Proposed Title: BA in Political Science
Description: The degree has been conferred by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) but will be conferred by the College of Business and Public Administration (CoBPA) beginning Fall 2016. The name change is necessary because referring to a BA "major" implies a CAS degree. This new name will be a BA encumbered degree.

The UND administrative environment is changing with a new budget model and the current arrangement will no longer be tenable. With the appointment of Dean Williams in the CoBPA, PSPA is more closely aligned with the core mission of the College. Thus, it makes more sense for CoBPA to confer the B.A. in Political Science degree. Finally, we would like Political Science students to be aligned more closely through graduation with the college in which they spent the majority of their time, in this case, CoBPA.

The Political Science Department remains committed to the idea of a liberal education rooted in Arts and Sciences but our home college is CoBPA. We have cooperated well with CAS for many years and intend to continue those relationships in the future. Indeed, this transfer is administrative not epistemological.
Supporting Documentation: Storrs letter (PS degree to BPA).pdf
Storrs Statement on shift of POLS to BPA.pdf
BA in Political Science title change_Approved.pdf
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