Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees, as of Spring 2017*

(Per semester, 12 or more credits)*

  Resident Minnesota Contiguous Non-Resident
Physical Therapy$7,380$7,380$9,931$9,931

Law tuition is charged per credit hour and is not subject to the 12 credit cap.

Since the University of North Dakota is supported by legislative appropriations, tuition and fees paid by students constitute only a part of the actual cost of the student’s education. An individual registration is not complete until all tuition/fees are paid. Tuition for North Dakota’s institutions of higher education is determined annually by the State Board of Higher Education. In addition, the Board authorizes the individual institutions to collect certain other mandatory fees, which in 2016-17 totaled $729 per semester at UND (and is included in the above table). These include the student fees which support, among other functions, Student Government, Student Health, Bonds, Wellness, Memorial Union, Career Services, Substance Abuse Prevention Programming, Multicultural Student Services, Athletics, Student Success Center and the Judicial/Crisis Team, $590.52; the ConnectND Fee, $66, and the NDSA Fee, $0.48, which support functions that are managed at the N.D. University System level; and the Technology fee, which supports technology needs, $72. Most student fees were approved by votes of the student body. All tuition and fee charges become the responsibility of the student when the student enrolls in courses at the University of North Dakota.

The student accepts responsibility for payment of tuition and fees when he/she enrolls in classes at the University of North Dakota.

No paper bills are sent from UND. Students are required to check their account balances on Campus Connection. Log into Campus Connection>Account Summary.

For more current information on tuition and fee rates, visit the Student Account Services website at:


All fees are subject to change without notice; contact the Office of Enrollment Services for up-to-date cost estimates. Part-time students taking 11 or fewer hours are billed on a per-credit hour basis.


Online courses are charged at the resident rate and are not subject to the 12-credit billing cap and are charged on a per-credit basis. See schedule in Office of Extended Learning section of catalog.


In addition to this tuition/fee schedule, program fees are assessed in the College of Business and Public Administration, Engineering, Law, Nursing, Social Work, Recreation, Anesthesia and Dietetics.


Additional course and/or program fees may be charged based on the student's enrollment.

Example of potential negative financial impact from student not knowing the difference between Online and On-Campus course billing:

Student A

Student enrolls in 12 credits of On-Campus courses and 3 credits of Online courses:

Student A is billed for 15 credits of tuition plus online course fees.

*Advising a student to substitute an online course for an on-campus course could impact them financially.

Student B

Student enrolls for 15 On-Campus credits:

Student B is billed for only 12 credits per the 12-credit cap on charges for on-campus courses.

How a change to a student's major can increase the amount owed:

1.  If the department approves a change of the student's major effective immediately (current semester), additional fees may be incurred by the student.

2.  If the department approves a change of the student's major effective the following semester, no additional charges would be incurred for the current semester.

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