Student Employment

Student employment provides financial assistance and reduces students’ loan indebtedness. There are several student employment programs which complement the students’ learning and give the University the opportunity to utilize student skills.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a form of federal aid based on financial need, and is awarded to students as part of their total aid package. A FWS award indicates a student’s eligibility to seek available FWS jobs. Wages are paid primarily from federal funds allocated to the University.

Wages for institutional (INST) employment are paid from funds allocated to individual University departments. Financial need is not a requirement.

All students who work through FWS and/or INST employment will be hired at least at the federal minimum wage rate. Wage rates vary, depending upon the skills required and job responsibilities.

The grievance procedure for student employees is described in the Code of Student Life.

Job Location and Development (JLD) is a cooperative effort with Job Service North Dakota to secure part-time work for students with area businesses. Although financial need is not a requirement, jobs secured through JLD can be part of a financial aid package.

Veterans Work-Study is a program for veterans attending school full-time and receiving VA benefits. Veterans can work up to 250 hours a semester and be paid at the minimum wage. Eligibility is determined by the Veteran Services office on campus.

Information concerning Head Resident, Resident Assistant, Cooperative Education Program, and/or departmental internships is available by contacting individual departments responsible for selection.

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