2017-2018 Catalog

Student Financial Aid Office

216 Twamley Hall
Phone (701) 777-3121

The Student Financial Aid Office assists students and their families in meeting the costs of higher education by providing students with financial assistance and by providing families with access to options and information on financial planning to help students achieve their educational goals. The philosophy of the University of North Dakota is that the primary responsibility for financing a college education lies with the student and their family. The financial aid offered by the University is viewed only as a supplement to the family support. The amount of the student’s financial need is based on the difference between the cost of education for the school year and a contribution calculated from the family’s total financial resources.

Financial assistance is available to assist students with temporary emergencies as well as to provide long term funds for financing a college education. Students are offered financial assistance in various forms, including scholarships, grants, employment, and loan programs. More information on programs and procedures are available from the Student Financial Aid Office and in the Student Financial Aid section.

Office of the Registrar

Tel: 701.777.2711
Fax: 701.777.2696

Twamley Hall Room 201
264 Centennial Drive Stop 8382
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8382