Opportunities for First-Year Students

The University of North Dakota offers a variety of high-quality experiences for first-year students that help to promote effective transition to college, engagement in the campus community, learning, and ultimately success. These experiences range from learning communities of various types, to seminars which have been specifically designed to enhance a first-year student’s academic experience at UND.

Learning Communities at UND

There are programs at UND that purposefully offer students the opportunity to participate in academic programs while developing lasting relationships with a small group of students and faculty. These programs afford students a relatively small “community” for pursuing their academic studies, although each community varies in its structure and methods.

The Integrated Studies Program, one of these learning communities, is a nationally-known, award-winning program. Integrated Studies (ISP) provides a unique way to take the Essential Studies classes which UND requires. Each semester of ISP includes credit from the four Essential Studies categories: Communications; Social Sciences; Arts and Humanities; and Math, Science, and Technology. To emphasize and build connections between disciplines, all class activities and discussions are organized around a central theme; class meeting time includes a variety of small group settings in which discussion among students is emphasized. For more information, refer to the Integrated Studies catalog listing, call (701) 777-3622, or visit our website at: http://und.edu/integrated-studies.

The Honors Program is a learning community designed for students with an interest in intellectual and creative pursuits. Students usually enroll in an Honors class each semester as part of their undergraduate program of study. Honors courses offer an alternative way to fulfill Essential Studies requirements. Other educational, social, and service activities extend learning beyond the classroom experience. Honors Housing allows students the option of carrying the learning community into Johnstone/Fulton Residence Halls. For information on Honors housing, contact the Housing Office at (701) 777-4251. Students in any college of the University may apply for admission to this learning community. For more information, call (701) 777-2219 or visit our website at: http://und.edu/honors-program/.

The Wellness Community focuses on living a balanced lifestyle within the college environment. As members of the Wellness floor in Brannon Hall, students have the opportunity to develop healthy practices, and incorporate the seven aspects of wellness: emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational/vocational, environmental, social and spiritual. For information on the Wellness Community, contact the Housing Office at 701-777-4251.

The Engineering Living Community is designed for new and returning students with an academic major within the College of Engineering and Mines. Members of this community combine the scholarly and social aspects of student life. The Resident Assistant (RA) on this floor is an engineering student who works to build a connective community of students with similar academic interests. Residents have tutoring in their residence hall lead by upper-class engineering students, advising sessions by faculty, and special opportunities to interact with professionals in the field. Members of this community will live on the 4th floor of McVey Hall. For additional information, contact Janet Honek at 701-777-5799 or Joel Ness, Ph.D. at 701-777-6149 in the College of Engineering and Mines.

The Aviation Community welcomes first-year students with an Aviation major in the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences Department of Aviation. Together, students who share a passion for aviation live and learn together in Noren Hall. Students have the chance to focus on academic achievement in a productive and supportive setting and gather for social events to meet friends and faculty. Student activities include tutoring, advising, and lunch/dinner with various department faculty and staff. For more information, contact Leslie Martin at lmartin@aero.und.edu or Elizabeth Bjerke at ebjerke@aero.und.edu.

The UND First-Year Seminar Program

Courses in the First-Year Seminar (FYS) Program aim to engage new UND students in the academic life of the university, and to empower them to succeed with their transition to college life. Grounded in the Essential Studies Program, these unique small classes enable students to discover a passion for learning, to connect with faculty and peers around academics, and to establish the foundation to become a more reflective, confident, and effective learner. FYS courses are offered on a variety of different topics and academic areas, and are listed as either UNIV 110 First Year Seminar or UNIV 115 First Year Research. More information on the types of courses being offered, as well as who to contact if you have questions, can be found on the FYS website at http://und.edu/provost/fye.cfm.

Introduction to University Life

UNIV 101 is a course for freshman students, designed to enhance the transition and adjustment of first-year students attending the University of North Dakota. The intent of the course is to acquaint students with higher education and to provide specific skills that will maximize students’ opportunity for academic success. Topics include (but are not limited to): campus resources and support, university involvement, health and wellness, University information, effective communication, understanding diversity, critical thinking, and building relationships with faculty members. A common reading provides a context for academic, personal, and social investigation by students. For additional information, visit the Student Success Center website at http://und.edu/student-affairs/student-services/.

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