2019-2020 Catalog

Bachelor of Arts with Major in Philosophy and Religion: Religious Studies Concentration

Required 120 credits (36 of which must be numbered 300 or above, and 30 of which must be from UND) including:

I. Essential Studies Requirements (see University ES listing).

II. Religious Studies Concentration Requirements (36 credit hours):

PHIL 103Introduction to Religious Studies3
PHIL 485Seminar in Theory and Method3
Select one of the following (Western Traditions):3
Religions of the West
Introduction to the Bible
Select one of the following (Asian Traditions):3
Religions of Asia
Daoism and Confucianism
Students may elect any 15 credits in Religious Studies not to include the 6 required credits (PHIL 103 and PHIL 485), the 3 required credits in Western Traditions, and the 3 required credits in Asian Traditions.15
Students may elect any 9 credits of Philosophy courses.9
Total Credits36

Courses in Religious Studies

Religions at the University are seen as creative, living modes of experience, culture, beliefs, rituals and ethics—that enable people around the globe to make sense of their lives. By studying, and to a limited degree projecting ourselves into, various religions, we are better able to appreciate the outlooks and values of other societies and gain new insight into what gives meaning and worth to our own lives. The academic study of religion is not based upon assumptions regarding the truth or falsity of any particular religious tradition. Rather, we guide students to learn a variety of scholarly approaches in order to develop their own critical understandings of the subject.

The study of religion is an integral part of a liberal education. It is also an enrichment for courses of study in preparation for careers in business, education, health care, social and psychological services. Courses in religion are a good preparation for many areas of postgraduate studies, including law, medicine, and the ministry. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to engage actively as responsible citizens in the global community.

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