2014-2015 Catalog

Integrated Studies


Carmichael (Coordinator), Leber-Gottberg, and Magness

(The permanent faculty is supplemented by faculty from other University departments.)

A nationally-known, award-winning program, the Integrated Studies Program is housed in the Humanities Program at the University and provides a unique way to take the Essential Studies classes which UND requires. Students who take classes through Integrated Studies (ISP) will take three to five courses each semester; all courses help students fulfill Essential Studies (ES) requirements necessary for all University undergraduate degrees. (See University ES listing for information.) Each semester students receive credit from the following Essential Studies categories: Arts and Humanities; Communications; Social Sciences; and Math, Science, and Technology. Additional credits each term may also be offered in the Arts and Humanities category. Information on most course offerings can be found under the Humanities Department listing.

Below is an example of the Essential Studies requirements for undergraduates and the credits which may be offered during one semester of ISP. Both a fall and a spring semester experience in the Program are offered; the total number of credits and their category distribution vary semester by semester.

Department Required Credits at UND Credits offered in one ISP Semester
Social Sciences93
Arts and Humanities94
Math, Science, Technology93

To emphasize and build connections between disciplines, all class activities and discussions are organized around a central theme. Class meetings include a variety of small group settings in which discussion among students is emphasized. In addition, students enrolled in these classes form a supportive learning community: they spend the entire semester studying the same materials together and form close relationships with each other and with the faculty team. The Program provides students an opportunity to hone skills such as:

  • Integrating topics from classes together, as well as with their daily lives
  • Critical thinking and problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration
  • Writing
  • Close reading of texts
  • Cooperative work
  • Oral communication

Integrated Studies works well with most majors at UND and should appeal to students at all levels of academic proficiency; it is particularly recommended for students interested in Education, Communication, or Pre-Law Studies, and for deciding students. Students enrolled in the UND Honors Program may apply Integrated Studies credits toward their Honors requirements.

Students interested in the Integrated Studies Program can call (701) 777-3622, or write to Humanities and Integrated Studies, O’Kelly Hall Room 253, 221 Centennial Dr., Stop 7117, Grand Forks, ND 58202-7117. Information about the Program is also available online at: http://www.und.edu/integrated-studies. The Program’s office is located on the second floor of O’Kelly Hall, Room 253, on the University campus.

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