Summer Session


Summer Session is an integral part of the academic program at the University of North Dakota. Both undergraduate and graduate courses are taught during the twelve-week Summer Session. In addition to regular classes, special classes, programs, field trips, workshops, conferences, and other short-term activities are conducted.

More than 300 faculty, as well as distinguished visitors, contribute to a quality educational program during the Summer Session. All facilities of the UND campus — including libraries, galleries, music facilities, theatres, lecture halls, dining rooms, and residence halls — are utilized by students attending the Summer Session.

Summer Session Student Body

Typical groups of students found on campus during the summer include: teachers and administrators working toward advanced degrees, students from other colleges, freshman students beginning their academic courses, adults updating their educational backgrounds, professionals wishing to work toward certification, and students wishing to accelerate completion of their degree programs.

Summer Session Schedule

The twelve-week Summer Session allows students to register for a wide variety of courses which meet for various lengths of time during the Summer Session. Most courses are offered on a six-week session. In some instances courses may be taught in sequence.

Classification of Summer Session Students

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

A full-time Summer Session undergraduate student is one who has been admitted to the University and is enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours during the twelve-week Summer Session.

Part-Time Undergraduate Student

A part-time Summer Session undergraduate student is one who has been admitted to the University and is enrolled for fewer than nine hours of credit during the twelve-week Summer Session. A student must be enrolled in a minimum of one semester hour to be within this part-time classification.

Additional Information

For detailed information on the summer program, students should consult the Summer Sessions web site at:

Summer Programs and Events Office

The Summer Programs and Events Office coordinates summer activities on the UND campus, and promotes and markets them to the Greater Grand Forks community and beyond.  These include educational seminars, professional conferences, sports clinics, specialized workshops and social events that are essential to UND's overall mission as an educational institution and as a member of the community.  A Start-Up Mini-Grant Program is also available, which helps cover the development, marketing and start-up costs for Summer Programs and Events. The office is located in Gustafson Hall, 701-777-0841, or visit our website at

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