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CHE 340. Professional Integrity in Engineering. 3 Credits.

This course emphasizes the need for technical professionals to develop personal integrity and moral character in order to benefit society. Students will develop an appreciation for the global context of their decisions, the ability to make sound ethical decisions, and communicate their ideas effectively. This course also explores the impact of engineering and applied science on society. S.

Electrical Engineering (EE) Engineering and Science (A&H, Humanities); CHE 340 Professional Integrity in Engineering (SS); and...

Mechanical Engineering (ME) ME 370 Engineering Disasters and Ethics / CHE 340 Professional Integrity in Engineering / PHIL 250...

Chemical Engineering (ChE)

The department’s primary objective is the education of undergraduate students so that, upon graduation, they are prepared to take challenging entry-level positions in a wide range of industries. These include not only traditional chemical and petroleum processing, but also fields such as biotechnology, consumer products, electronic materials, energy, food, polymers, pulp and paper, and environmental protection. They may be engaged in research, teaching, development, manufacturing, technical support, marketing, sales or project engineering, and frequently enter engineering management later in their careers. The prescribed curriculum provides a sound, technically based general education for those graduates who wish to pursue other professions such as medicine, law and business. Research and professional activities by members of the faculty, conducted in collaboration with graduate and undergraduate students, provide training for our students on how to succeed as researchers.

Electrical Engineering

...Ethics Elective choices: Phil 250 (AH, Humanities), ChE 340 (SS), and ME 370 (SS). Some...

Mechanical Engineering

...Arts Humanities if taking ME 370 or ChE 340 / Social Science if taking PHIL 250...

Chemical Engineering

...CHE 332 sequence. 3 CHEM 341/341L may be taken in lieu of CHEM 340...

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