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College of Business and Public Administration

...the College of Liberal Arts, with students granted...Management must take ATSC 110 Meteorology I and...

Nursing (Nurs)

...110 *English Composition 130 *Psychology 111 *Sociology 110...9 credits of Fine Arts and Humanities and...

Opportunities for First-Year Students

...categories: Communications; Social Sciences; Arts and Humanities; and...listed as either UNIV 110 First Year Seminar...

ART 110. Introduction to the Visual Arts. 3 Credits.

Study and analysis of artistic methods and meaning in the visual arts. Films, original works, slides, discussions, demonstrations. Structure and meaning of visual art forms as revealed through the analysis of psychological applications of art media. F,S.

THEA 110. Introduction to Theatre Arts. 3 Credits.

Basic orientation and historical perspective to theatre arts. Study of the roles of playwright, director, actor, designer, producer, and audience members in current theatre practice. Course will include attendance at area performances. Course includes 16 hours of experiential work in scene/costume shop or on a production. F,S.

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