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SPST 526. Astronomical and Spacecraft Instrumentation. 3 Credits.

This course will concentrate on instrument design, operation, and the resulting data products generated by ground- and space-based astronomical observatories, as well as common instrumentation used in NASA scientific solar system spacecraft. Key goals for this course include gaining a solid understanding of instrumental principles of operation, the types of raw data that are generated, and the types of data reduction processes that lead to interpretable data. The course will include an investigation of different types of spectrographs and spectroscopy data products, solar instrumentation (ground- and space-based), terrestrial and Jovian spacecraft orbiter/flyby instrumentation, terrestrial planet rover and lander instrumentation, and extra-solar system astrophysical instrumentation. Students will have the opportunity to examine, reduce, and interpret select data sets. Prerequisites: SPST 425 and MATH 165 or consent of instructor. On demand.

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