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SPST 502. Survey of Space Studies II. 3 Credits.

SPST 502 is the second course in a two-course sequence (along with SPST 501) in Space Studies that introduces new students to essential knowledge that will be necessary to successfully complete their M.S. degree in space studies. SPST 502 consists of the following five modules: 1) space mission design (two modules), 2) orbital mechanics, 3) launch vehicles and propulsion, and 4) robotic spacecraft instrumentation. All modules contain foundational information that will give students the basic knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a broad understanding of the multi- and inter-disciplinary nature of space studies; knowledge that can be applied in later courses, such as Capstone; and knowledge that facilitates thesis and other specialized types of instruction and research. Course content in SPST 502 will also be used to assess student learning at the end of their M.S. program via the Comprehensive Examination. Students are expected to master and understand course content, be able to apply course content as appropriate, and demonstrate their understanding of course content prior to graduation. S.


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Space Studies

...should be used: SPST 501 Survey of Space Studies I and SPST 502 Survey of...

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