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PHIL 300. Ancient Philosophy. 3 Credits.

The ancient Greeks and Romans laid the foundations for even the most contemporary philosophy, and their ideas have had a continuing influence on all Western thought from their time to our own. This course attempts to examine those ideas and the reasons for their persistent relevance. F, even years.

Philosophy and Religion (Phil and Rels)

The two disciplines of Philosophy and Religion represent humankind’s abiding interest in the fundamental questions of life, truth, and value. Questions about the meaning of life, the significance of truth, the access to knowledge, and the ability to live ethically have been studied by philosophers and theologians from the time of Socrates and before. But both disciplines can be quite practical, preparing students for a career in law, politics, the ministry, or any profession that puts them in contact with people of different religions or cultures.

Electrical Engineering (EE)

...which must be numbered 300 or above and...Sciences. Ethics Elective choices: PHIL 250 Ethics in...

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

...21 credit hours of 300-level or higher...Professional Integrity in Engineering / PHIL 250 Ethics in...

Electrical Engineering

...Elective choices: PHIL 250 (AH, Humanities); PHIL 251...approved by advisor, normally 300 level or higher...

Mechanical Engineering

...must be at the 300-level or higher...Social Science if taking PHIL 250. ^^ Please Note...

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