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PATH 500. Biochemistry and Cell Biology. 6 Credits.

Knowledge in biochemistry and cell biology form the core concepts that underlay all study and research endeavors in the clinical sciences. Since the basics in these two disciplines are paramount to a successful graduate studies program, the course is designed to emphasize proficiency in basic concepts. The course is highly didactic and makes no assumptions of previous educational experiences of the incoming graduate student. This is deemed essential for a course that forms the stem in a multi-disciplinary graduate program. Thus the course is focused on basic textbook-based foundational knowledge and problem solving skills. The course begins by relating basic general and organic chemistry to biochemical systems, followed by addressing actual biochemical, synthetic and degradation reactions, and expanding this to the macromolecular and cell biological components of the process. Thus the study is first presented with the biochemical and molecular aspects of cellular processes and then uses this to build a more comprehensive picture of how molecular structures come together to forms structures visible by various forms of microscopy. F.

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