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MGMT 301. Operations Management. 3 Credits.

This course introduces managerial issues and problems arising in the operations function of both service and manufacturing-oriented organizations.Topics include: aggregate planning, facility layout, forecasting, inventory control and management, introduction to linear programming, operations strategy, processes and technology, project management, quality control and management, scheduling, supply chain management, and waiting line analysis. Prerequisites: ECON 210 with grade of C or better, Junior or Senior standing, a GPA of 2.5, and declared COBPA majors only. F,S.

Nutrition and Dietetics (N&D)

...Chemistry Laboratory , and BMB 301 Biochemistry . III. Required...Option A: Option B: * MGMT 300 Principles of...

Management (Mgmt)

As part of the College of Business and Public Administration, the Department of Management provides courses in the fundamentals of organizations and management, emphasizing both theory and practice of management concepts. Students are exposed to current information concerning the study and practice of business management. Students develop an understanding of current management concepts and practices, build problem-solving and communication skills, and appreciate the ethical implications of managerial work. Topics of interest in management include: decision-making and planning; organizing processes and resources for effective action; leading and motivating organization members; and the impact of technology in the workplace and the competitive environment. The faculty are dedicated, motivated, caring, experienced, and academically and professionally qualified; value meaningful student-faculty interaction; and search out and use current instructional resources and methods. Management faculty also emphasize expanding the boundaries of theory, practice, and teaching by engaging in basic, applied, and instructional research and providing service to the university, business, professional, and local communities.


...MGMT 300-Principles of Management MGMT 301-Operations Management MGMT 302-Human Resource Management MGMT...

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