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MBIO 202. Introductory Medical Microbiology Lecture. 3 Credits.

An introductory medical microbiology course primarily for nursing and clinical lab science students but open to allied health students with permission of the instructor. This course provides a background in all aspects of microbial agents and disease. Three hours lecture per week. Prerequisite: CHEM 116 or CHEM 121 with a grade of C or higher. F.

Biology (Biol)

...will not be allowed MBIO 202 Introductory Medical Microbiology Lecture / MBIO 202L Introductory Medical Microbiology...

Nursing (Nurs)

...Laboratory 5 PPT 301 Human Physiology 4 MBIO 202 & 202L Introductory Medical Microbiology Lecture and...

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