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MATH 515. Applied Mathematics. 3 Credits.

The content of the course varies but includes current topics in applied mathematics such as: (1) ordinary or partial differential equations, (2) approximation theory and perturbation techniques, (3) modeling and computer simulation, (4) special functions, (5) numerical analysis, (6) variational methods, (7) transforms, (8) integral equations. Prerequisite: MATH 266 or consent of instructor.

Computer Science

...from engineering, management, and math disciplines in order...Database Systems 3 CSCI 515 Data Engineering and...


...12 MATH 512 & MATH 513 Modern Analysis I and Modern Analysis II MATH 515 & MATH...

Business Administration

...Minimum competence in business math and statistics, accounting...501 Managerial Finance MGMT 515 Advanced Managerial Theory...

Special Education

...course and an elementary math methods course taken...Educational Research 3 EFR 515 Statistics I 3...

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