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MATH 460. Mathematical Modeling. 3 Credits.

The primary goal of the course is to present the mathematical analysis provided in scientific modeling. Topics may include population modeling, mechanical vibrations, traffic flow, epidemic modeling, queues and decay processes. Prerequisites: MATH 266 and MATH 207 or consent of instructor. F, even years.

Mathematics (Math)

Bartz, Bevelacqua, Collings, Dearden, Dunnigan (Chair), Halcrow, Hong, J. liams, M. liams (Director of Math Active Learning Lab), Khavanin, Millspaugh, Minnotte (Associate Chair), Peterson, Prescott, Richards, Takahashi and Zerr 

Computer Science

...physical phenomena. Requires the following three courses: MATH 460 Mathematical Modeling 3 CSCI 445 Mathematical...

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