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MATH 441. Abstract Algebra. 3 Credits.

Rings, integral domains, fields, elements of group theory. Prerequisite: MATH 330 or consent of instructor. F.

Chemistry (Chem)

...for MATH 165 Calculus I , the math sequence...3 Chem 44X ( CHEM 441 Instrumental Analysis I...

Mathematics (Math)

Bartz, Bevelacqua, Collings, Dearden, Dunnigan (Chair), Halcrow, Hong, J. liams, M. liams (Director of Math Active Learning Lab), Khavanin, Millspaugh, Minnotte (Associate Chair), Peterson, Prescott, Richards, Takahashi and Zerr 


...MATH 421 Statistical Theory I 3 MATH 431 Introduction to Analysis I 3 MATH 441...


...ready for Math 165, the math sequence may...Speech. 3 = Chem 44x (441, 442 and 443...

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