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MATH 432. Introduction to Analysis II. 3 Credits.

A continuation of MATH 431, topics in the second semester include integration, partial differentiation, infinite series, power series and vector analysis. Prerequisite: MATH 431. S.

Biology (Biol)

...both MATH 165 Calculus I and MATH 166...430 , BIOL 431 , BIOL 432 , or BIOL 438...

Mathematics (Math)

Bartz, Bevelacqua, Collings, Dearden, Dunnigan (Chair), Halcrow, Hong, J. liams, M. liams (Director of Math Active Learning Lab), Khavanin, Millspaugh, Minnotte (Associate Chair), Peterson, Prescott, Richards, Takahashi and Zerr 

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