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MATH 416. Topics in Statistics. 1-3 Credits.

An introduction to a variety of topics in statistics including: Linear models in categorical analysis, Bayesian methods, decision theory, ridge regression, Non parametric techniques, stochastic games and models. The number of topics to be considered during a semester will be limited to permit greater depth of coverage and sufficient practical illustrations. May be repeated for credit with consent of instructor up to six credits. Prerequisites: MATH 265 and MATH 321 or consent of instructor. Repeatable to 6 credits. On demand.

Biology (Biol)

...both MATH 165 Calculus I and MATH 166...Biology Techniques; 415. Genomics; 416 Ecological Genomics; 418...

Mathematics (Math)

Bartz, Bevelacqua, Collings, Dearden, Dunnigan (Chair), Halcrow, Hong, J. liams, M. liams (Director of Math Active Learning Lab), Khavanin, Millspaugh, Minnotte (Associate Chair), Peterson, Prescott, Richards, Takahashi and Zerr 

Economics (Applied)

...and Economics Statistics, and MATH 146 Applied Calculus...of Graduate Studies. ECON 416 Mathematics for Economists...

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