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MATH 308. History of Mathematics. 3 Credits.

This is a course on the conceptual and chronological history of mathematics. The course involves the interpretation and analysis of how and why mathematical ideas have developed over time, including political and cultural considerations. Topics include: numbers and counting systems, non-Western developments, mathematics of Egypt, Babylonia and Greece, early European developments, the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution and the development of calculus, women in mathematics, twentieth century mathematics. Prerequisite: MATH 166 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. S.

Mathematics (Math)

Bartz, Bevelacqua, Collings, Dearden, Dunnigan (Chair), Halcrow, Hong, J. liams, M. liams (Director of Math Active Learning Lab), Khavanin, Millspaugh, Minnotte (Associate Chair), Peterson, Prescott, Richards, Takahashi and Zerr 

Economics (Applied)

...graduate catalog. Complete ECON 308 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory...and Economics Statistics, and MATH 146 Applied Calculus...

Electrical Engineering

...EE), Math, and Physics courses approved by advisor, normally 300 level or higher. Math 308...

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